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Guildford Sabres Handball Club, Surrey, UK
Guildford Sabres Handball Club, Surrey, UK
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England Handball

What is Handball?

The sport of handball is played by two seven-aside teams whose objective is two score goals by throwing the ball into the opposition net. Passing amongst each team, players are allowed three steps, then most dribble the ball with either hand, then are allowed a further three steps when a player must release the ball by passing or shooting. Games are 60 minutes long with two halves of 30.

The sport is incredibly popular in Europe and South America and is also played in Asia and Africa, and along with our NGB, England Handball, aim to help the sport continue to grow in the UK. Handball is the fastest growing Olympic sport in the country.

Handball has also recently become increasingly popular in schools with the sport now part of the GCSE curriculum. This was a momentous occasion for all involved in handball, and we see the sport only becoming more popular in schools around the country.

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